Patrick, the NJ Pit Bull Is Striving While Humans Are Infighting about Future Animal Abuse Laws

While Patrick is continuing to thrive and getting stronger at GSVS Hospital in New Jersey, in the virtual world of Facebook, a battle is escalating over who has the right to fight for changing animal abuse laws. Ms. Rachel Wolf, in March 25, 2011, created the page Patrick’s Law over at Facebook. She, like many […]

Woman Who Tried to Mail Puppy Loses Custory But Is Appealing

Minneapolis Woman Loses Custody of Dog She Tried to Mail: Stacey Champion, the woman who tried to send a 4-month old puppy through the U.S. Postal Mail, lost custody of the dog. Fabian Hoffner, the administrative officer presiding over the hearing called her attempt in mailing the puppy via air mail in a box […]

Woman Who Tried to Mail Puppy Wants It Back!

Stacey Champion, the 39-year-old woman who tried to mail a puppy from Minneapolis to Atlanta is now requesting to have the puppy returned to her. Ms. Champion is pleading her case today (Monday, February 07, 2011). According to Dan Nizziolek, the manager for the Minneapolis’ Animal Care and Control, no one has yet tried to […]

Puppy Almost Shipped via Air Mail

Mailed Puppy Alive & Well at Minneapolis Animal Control: I can’t believe how some people can either be so cruel or have no capacity to think of the consequences of their actions, but, according to Star Tribune, Stacey Champion, a , 39- year old woman from Minneapolis, tried to ship a 4-month old poodle–schnauzer-mix […]