The Right Thing to Do for Patrick (the Pit Bull Once Thrown in the Trash)

On March 16, Patrick was half-dead. Someone put him in a garbage bag and threw him down 19 floors to be incinerated. Despite it all, Patrick was a lucky dog. He moved in the bag, the maintenance man saw it, opened the bag, and saw Patrick. This man could have left the dog there and […]

Patrick Update (Photos and Videos)

Patrick is slowly getting ready to leave GSVS and be on the road to be adopted. A member of the hospital has expressed a desire to adopt him. I, personally, feel that it would be the best person for Patrick. He knows all the staff, trusts them, and loves them. Why make this poor pup […]

Kisha Curtis, Alleged Patrick’s Abuser Is Rumored to Be Out of Jail

According to Inmate Lookup and the NJSPCA Facebook site, Ms. Kisha Curtis, the accused abuser of Patrick, the pit bull, who near fatal starvation and dehydration was stuffed in a garbage bag thrown down the garbage shoot to be incinerated like trash. This news, if true, has infuriated the many followers of Patrick’s welfare. Many […]

Newark Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Abusing Pit Bull and Throwing Him Down the Garbage Chute reports that Kisha Curtis, the woman accused of starving the 1-year-old pit bull named Patrick and then tossing him down a trash chute pleaded not guilty to the animal abuse charges. Curtis appeared in court via video feed, as she is currently in the Passaic County jail on an unrelated charge, and her lawyer […]