Eight dachshund-mix puppies found in a sealed bin

I am in great favor of adopting a rescued dog. If you would love to get a purebred, AKC dog make sure that you go to a reputable breeder. They charge more for their puppies, but you can be sure that you will get a well-cared for puppy whose mom and dad were carefully screened […]

Can Dogs Count?

I always wondered whether some animals can count. I came to a very unscientific conclusion that mine can. About 14 years ago, my first foster and my first foster failure, Basil Houndini came to live with us.  (I don’t know why the rescue world calls a foster who becomes adopted by the foster family as […]

Seized basset hound puppies need new homes (PA, WV, VA area)

Nearly two dozen dogs seized from a Franklin County home last week are almost ready to be adopted. Last Friday humane officers pulled 23 basset hounds from a home in Fayetteville. The owners, David and Peri Flory, surrendered the dogs and face nearly 50 counts of sanitation charges. Humane officers said the dogs, including 13 […]

Badly Injured Dog Nurses Puppies and a Kitten

“It’s amazing when you think about it. You have this dog who is just so giving of herself, caring for these newborn puppies and the kitten, making sure they were cared for even though she was obviously in a lot of pain.”—Shawna Randolph A young German–Shepherd mix was badly injured when she was hit by […]