Urgent Medical Need for Sudden Spinal Impairment in a Healthy, Happy Young Dog

Raven needs help, lots of help. In her short life she has met with, and has overcome, lots of crisis: She was dumped at a kill shelter in Kentucky. The shelter was going to close. Every animal was to be euthanized. She was one of the lucky ones and was saved. Her foster mom abandoned […]

150 Demonstration Participants Witness Injured Dog Taken to ACC. Is the Dog Still Alive?

About 150 people showed up at the Brooklyn ACC to participate in the first national demonstration against kill shelters. The New York Animal Care and Control (ACC) is one of the worst kill shelters. Although, the ACC is not permitted by CONTRACT to Maddie’s Fund to kill for space, the forbidden action is done anyway, […]

Tear-Wrenching Story: Dog in Japan Stays by the Side of Her Ailing Friend in the Rubble

We all can agree that the tsunami that hit Japan last week was devastating. Besides the number of people and animals who died or were very injured, the damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactor, which is still in the forefront of the news, may have horrible affects for everyone in Japan and the nearby areas. […]