Kisha Curtis, Patrick’s Alleged Abuser’s Day in Court

Patrick, needs your support. Two years ago, on March 16, a young pit-bull mix was thrown down in a garbage shoot from the 19th floor of a 22 floor apartment building. His body was dehydrated and the animal was starved. He was taken for dead. But as the maintenance man was preparing the pile of […]

Pit Bull Pup Dragged by Car and Thrown in a Dumpster, Makes Miraculous Recovery

Of all the breeds of dogs, one of the most misunderstood and abused is the pit bull. They are always pictured as vicious dogs, which is the farthest from the truth. Pit bulls naturally are loving dogs. Look at the photo of my grandchildren and their pit bull. Nothing can be warmer than a loving […]

Patrick to Stay at GSVS

The custody battle over Patrick between Garden State Veterinary Specialist (GSVS) and Associated Humane Societies (AHS) is over for now. Judge Joseph Cassini, III ruled today that Patrick will not be removed from the animal hospital to go to Popcorn Park Zoo, the animal shelter the AHS runs in Forked River, NJ. Patrick was taken […]

Patrick’s First NJ SPCA Hero

This is Arthur Skinner, who, according to the NJ SPCA Facebook Page, was the first to get to Patrick after the maintenance man found him in the trash chute. Arthur kept Patrick company until help arrived. He was the first to give Patrick (after the maintenance man) a sense of what human beings are really […]

Kisha Curtis, Patrick’s Alleged Abuser, on Trial on May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011, in the Essex County Superior Court of Newark, Kisha Curtis, the alleged abuser of the dog now known as Patrick, will go on trial for two charges for the torture and torment of a living creature, which have a penalty of up to 18 months in jail and up to a $10,000 […]

The Right Thing to Do for Patrick (the Pit Bull Once Thrown in the Trash)

On March 16, Patrick was half-dead. Someone put him in a garbage bag and threw him down 19 floors to be incinerated. Despite it all, Patrick was a lucky dog. He moved in the bag, the maintenance man saw it, opened the bag, and saw Patrick. This man could have left the dog there and […]

Patrick Update (Photos and Videos)

Patrick is slowly getting ready to leave GSVS and be on the road to be adopted. A member of the hospital has expressed a desire to adopt him. I, personally, feel that it would be the best person for Patrick. He knows all the staff, trusts them, and loves them. Why make this poor pup […]

Puppy Found in a Trash

We heard of Patrick, who was found in a trash in Newark, NJ. We heard of Braveheart, who was dumped in a public dumpster in Kentucky. Now, there’s Brady, a 14-week-old male pit-bull–bulldog-mix puppy who was found in a trash bin in North Dallas. The poor pups was found on Saturday, April 9. His ears, […]