The Right Thing to Do for Patrick (the Pit Bull Once Thrown in the Trash)

On March 16, Patrick was half-dead. Someone put him in a garbage bag and threw him down 19 floors to be incinerated. Despite it all, Patrick was a lucky dog. He moved in the bag, the maintenance man saw it, opened the bag, and saw Patrick. This man could have left the dog there and […]

Patrick, NJ Pit Bull, Was Tied to a Railing—Owner Left NJ for the Week

Some new news about Patrick’s tormentor (Kisha Curtis), according to, she left him tied to the stairwell (despite being told not to) and left NJ for a week. The poor pup was without food and water for at least a week. She claimed provide food and water for him. But from the looks of […]

Patrick, the NJ Abused Pit Bull Gets Fed

Patrick gets hand fed by his doctor: Then he licks his bowl clean And once all is over, he sits patiently to see if there’s more: Also, the hospital was kind enough to take pictures of the many gifts that Patrick is receiving (just click on the picture to see the larger version):

Patrick, the Miracle Dog, Uplifting Photos

  Click on the pictures to view the larger version. Also, Patrick is wearing the e-collar because he’s been scratching some of his sores that are now healing. He doesn’t complain, by the way. Also, notice how his fur is redder and shinier. He is healing. Photos courtesy of GSVS.

Patrick, the Miracle Dog, Undergoes an Ultrasound Procedure

Starving animals will try to eat anything to quench the hunger pains. An obstruction was found in Patrick’s digestive system, suggesting that he has swallowed something during the time he was living with his tormentor. Today, he underwent an ultrasound procedure wherein they tried to locate the obstruction. I guess Patrick is getting strong enough […]

NJ Woman Charged for Abusing Patrick—The Dog Found in a Garbage Chute

Should those abuse animals hardly pay for their crimes? I just found out that Kisha Curtis, 28, of Newark, was charged on Friday with two counts of abandonment and two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance to the animal, according to NJSPCA spokesman Matthew Stanton. Curtis denies throwing the 1-year-old pit bull down the […]

Patrick: The Cruelest Case of Animal Abuse

Patrick, a young pit bull mix, was found by a maintenance worker in garbage bag ready for the trash compactor. Lucky for Patrick, he had enough strength to make a slight movement from inside the bag that this poor dog was stuffed. The maintenance person investigated and was shocked to find this poor emaciated corpse-like […]