Basset Hound Earns Top Agility Award

Bassets: Are They Couch Potatoes? Most people think of a basset hound as the perfect couch-potato dog. Most bassets are low key, don’t disturb my sleep kind of dogs. Many also claim that because basset hounds are stubborn by nature (after all, they were bred to follow their nose and get that rabbit out of […]

BROOD RAMBLE: Bassets Helping Other Bassets

Maryland Basset hounds strut their stuff By JULIE E. GREENE September 5, 2010 Stubborn. Pigheaded. Those were some of the descriptions people used Sunday, with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts, to describe their basset hounds. The love was returned Sunday as several of the short-legged, long-eared breed put up with […]