Basset Hound Finds Shelter Just Before Giving Birth

A beautiful, stray, full-breed basset hound was found wandering the town of Norborne, MO. The police brought her to Richmond veterinarian Dale Stewart’s Town & Country Animal Clinic because Norborne lacks boarding facilities. NO sooner was she settled in the Stewart’s veterinary clinic, the basset gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies. As no one claimed […]

Basset Hound Rescued from a Drainage Pipe

According to The Seattle Times, on Thursday, February 7, 2013, in Seattle, WA, a cute 4-year-old basset hound named Nina got out of her yard and decided to go on a little adventure. Little did she know the trouble that she would find herself into. Nina, apparently, fell into 30-feet inside a drainage pipe. Her […]

After 10 long years, Ginger, the basset hound is reunited with her original dad in Nashua

By ERIN PLACE Staff Writer Jamie Carpentier had never gone to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua’s website. But late one recent night, the Nashua resident felt the urge to log on and peruse the animals up for adoption. He came across a 13-year-old basset hound named Ginger, without a photo attached, and read the […]

Basset Hound Saves His Life by Calling 911

Basset hounds are love hounds. They love to eat, laze around, and hog the bed. They are not known for intellectual acuity. But they are wonderful hunters. And in a household where they are surrounded by the comforts that they share with their human family, they are wonderful hunters of leftover food, etc. When adult […]

Can Dogs Count?

I always wondered whether some animals can count. I came to a very unscientific conclusion that mine can. About 14 years ago, my first foster and my first foster failure, Basil Houndini came to live with us.  (I don’t know why the rescue world calls a foster who becomes adopted by the foster family as […]

How Could You? (A Sad Story to Ponder About)

After so many negative postings, I decided that it was time to post something cheerful, something akin to the homeless man in the hospice and his final wish to see his dog come true. So, I searched the Internet for some good stories, and I stumbled upon the story I am sharing here. I apologize, […]