Basset Hound Earns Top Agility Award

Bassets: Are They Couch Potatoes? Most people think of a basset hound as the perfect couch-potato dog. Most bassets are low key, don’t disturb my sleep kind of dogs. Many also claim that because basset hounds are stubborn by nature (after all, they were bred to follow their nose and get that rabbit out of […]

Penguin—Pioneer in Saving Endangered Species

Sea World in San Diego just pioneered a revolutionary reproductive technique that will potentially help threatened or endangered species in the wild. They were able to produce a healthy penguin via artificial insemination by using frozen-then-thawed semen. The result of this technique is shown in the video. He is a healthy 12-week-old penguin. Enjoy the […]

A Great Video about Basset Hounds

So you decided to get a basset hound? Great! First, however, make sure that you get your puppy from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will make you sign a contract that will bind you to spay/neuter your dog and will also inform you that your basset can always be returned to the breeder. A […]