Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue


204-344-6054 or 204-295-0955



Location 7 Prince Street, Stony Mountain, Manitoba R0C 3A0

Senior K9 Rescue of Canada—his group is devoted in helping senior dogs (not just basset hounds) who find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. Some will end up with new loving families and some will just need a soft place to land and live out their days surrounded by love.

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  1. Chris and Dale, Thank you for sharing the phtoos with us. They are so adorable we now need to play with them. Now we want to see the boys!! Lots of love you have really been blessed.

  2. Hi my name is Kyla I am interested in adopting your bassethound.I have ahure fenced area by a large area of ocean for walks. I will take good take of your

  3. HellO: I hope you are able to help me. I live in Lewis, IA a very small town and three weeks ago rescued a basset hound who was very neglected. There are no resources in Cass County, IA. I took this old boy to my vet, where he stayed for five days and got the treatment he needed. I adopted him but it did not work out because I have a Boston Terrier. My vet, Dr. Hoffman at the Atlantic Animal Health Center has taking him until we can find a forever home. My heart is broken because I thought I could give this senior a great home. I have paid for all his vet care.
    He is doing so well now and just wants a home where he can snuggle with you. Now that he is feeling better, his personality is showing through.
    Can you please help me find a forever home for Dexter.
    I am reaching out to any agency in any state that may be able to help me.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Cerica-Joens

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