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  1. I have a senior basset that needs rescuing and tender loving care. We bought him as a puppy but later friends took him. They recently returned him and we cannot provide for him, he needs special care, some medical and a lot of love. He is house broken, sweet with kids, gentle, just an all around special dog. We don’t want to put him down but that may be the only course if someone doesn’t take him now. Someone please contact me.

  2. Hello:
    I rescued a 8-9 year old basset. I live in Lewis, IA and found this basset on main street. This poor basset was so neglected. There are no resources in this small town and did not want to take him to a shelter. I took him to my vet where she provide care for him. He was at the vets for five days. He had extensive dental work done. Teeth pulled and some oral surgery. He is doing well now. I did adopt him and took him home. I have a six year old Boston Terrier and this did not go well. My vet, Dr. Kate Hoffman, Atlantic Animal Center, Atlantic IA, took him and is keeping him until we can find a forever home. He is a great “old boy” who needs a forever home or foster until a forever home comes available. Please help me find a great home for him. I have paid all his vet expenses.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Cerica-Joens

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