House of Puddles

House of Puddles, Inc.
4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

(Please do not write to ask them to take your senior hound.  You must work through your local basset hound rescue organization first.)

House of Puddles is a retirement home for homeless senior basset hounds, operated by Marilyn Brazzle.  Since 2002, Marilyn has provided a home for over 90 senior or special needs hounds, accepted at the request or referral of basset hound rescue organizations and animal shelters.  The seniors at HOP average about 12 years in age.  Their health issues include blindness, deafness, diabetes, cancer, incontinence, arthritis and severe skin allergies.  HOP does not actively try to adopt dogs out because they are generally considered to be unadoptable due to their age or special needs.  However, if the right family comes along for the right dog, they are always happy for the hounds to have their own forever homes.

Marilyn formally established House of Puddles as a non-profit corporation in Frederick, MD, in January, 2005.   A board of directors helps to oversee the operations of HOP, but Marilyn is the sole caregiver for the dogs.

Other than occasional small donations from friends and reimbursements from Basset Rescue of Old Dominion for a couple of permanent foster hounds, Marilyn personally financed this costly endeavor for the first few years.  Now that House of Puddles, Inc. has qualified as a tax exempt, 501(c)3 charitable organization, Marilyn is hoping to continue operating HOP with the assistance of donations from others who want to help homeless old hounds.  Funds contributed to HOP are tax deductible and are used to pay the costs of veterinary care, food and nutritional supplements, medications, prescription drugs, grooming, bedding and other dog care supplies.  Please consider making a donation to help feed and care for these sweet old hounds.

Please donate to this great organization.

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