About Me

I’m a basset hound slave! What else can I say?

I am associated with BROOD, but that does not mean that I only help BROOD. If you are a basset hound rescue and want something posted, feel free to contact me here.

The Origin of Spicedogs

Our last name is Baker, and all our dogs are named after spices. The original Spices started with Ginger Rosemary Sage, the spice of the Baker household! She came to our home and hearts in 1983. Cinnamon Amber was our next one, followed by Coriander Anise, Basil Houndini, Cocoa Licorice, Zack Curry, Caraway Annata, and we recently added Dudley (Dill) and Bailey (Bayleaf)—two bonded bassets who complete our family now that only Caraway, Cocoa, and the new bassets are alive. For as long as I can afford and am able to take care of bassets, there will be spices added to our spice rack.

The beauty of this picture is that many of them were never together at one time, as some had left for the Rainbow Bridge long before the others were added. Long live PhotoShop!

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  1. There is a new group Basset Rescue Crew of the Southeast (BaRCSE), based out of Columbia, SC. We are 501(c)3 non profit and at present only have dogs in South Carolina, but have members in SC, NC, VA, GA. We hope to be able to help rescue bassets and rehome them in the Southeastern USA

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