Bubbles: Update

Bubbles’ surgery was a big success. The tumor that was removed weighed 8.81 lbs. It must have been a great relief for her once that heavy load was removed from her face. She no longer tilts her head to the left and she is able to use regular sized bowls that’s fit for a dog her size for both eating and drinking. Gone are the large tubs she had to use before. Bubbles is now able to eat more and is gaining weight. Despite the fact that she weighs 88lbs, that’s way to thin for a dog of her size.

For the next two weeks, Bubbles will be going in and out of the hospital, and in two weeks, she will begin chemotherapy. Her chemo will be based on the pathology report that will be back in 10 days. Her team of oncologists will determine the best course of action based on the report and the type of cancer she has.

Bubbles eye will remain sewn shut for two weeks. It is not a normal eye right now and needs to be protected from drying out. At the end of two weeks, a specialist will remove the stitches and determine how viable the eye is. At that time, it will be decided whether to keep the eye open or to have it removed.

According to Noah’s Ark, the rescue taking care of her, Bubbles is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet. She will sit outside and look around with the most peaceful expression. She is finally free to be a DOG and is loving every minute of it. Should you wish to donate to her cause, please follow this link.

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