New Page Added to the Website: Senior Rescue

Senior dogs are at a disadvantage when they are relinquished by their former families. No one wants an older dog. After all, “they may not live long and will cost a lot of money when their health fails. Who needs the heartache.” That’s what most people think. And, I’ll confess that was my point of view back in 1997 when I first got truly involved with basset hound rescue.¬† The truth is that senior dogs are lovable, they don’t have to be potty trained, they are calmer, they don’t destroy your furniture, and they appreciate your love. If you really think about it, how would you like if your grandparents were disposed of the way senior dogs are disposed of. Senior dogs are sentient beings. They feel love and hate. Disposing of them is a sin, in my opinion.

Once a senior dog is placed in a shelter, in a kill shelter, their days are numbered. They are euthanized in no time. I am grateful that many rescues take them in.

I found two wonderful organizations that will take in nothing but senior dogs and hounds. I now have a page dedicated to this type of rescue. If you know of more rescues that are dedicated for seniors only, please contact me.

Senior Rescue

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