Justice for Patrick, the Pit Bull

We demand justice for Patrick

August 29, 2013, Kisha Curtis will be sentenced by the Judge and the Essex County Court system. We are hoping that the maximum penalty will be implemented.

Dear Mr. Judge, please make sure that Patrick didn’t suffer in vain. Please implement the maximum penalty to Kisha Curtis for her crime against this innocent living being. Let others learn that if you do the crime, you will serve the time.

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  1. This woman needs the maximum penalty for this crime, and for this poor helpless souls suffering that was inflicted by her. Animal abuse is a crime and especially in this day and age, this should never even be an issue! It is absolutely sickening what she did to this animals can you imagine if this was a child instead? Unforgivable

  2. Child or animal this woman never deserves to see daylight again. Life in prison, solitary confinement, no chance for parole. Sounds right to me.

  3. One slap in the face is the maximum sentence falls extremely short of the crime.Another slap in the face would be not to give it to her.These actions being taken too lightly is why they continue.This evil has to be stopped.

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