Kisha Curtis Requests a Pretrial Intervention Program

According to Penny Tilton from the Examiner, an anonymous source revealed to them that Kisha Curtis (who is allegedly accused of starving Patrick the pit bull puppy who was thrown 19 floors down the garbage chute) wants to be placed in the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI).

An anonymous source has revealed to the Examiner today Kisha Curtis the woman accused of starving the now famous Pit Bull named Patrick has asked to be placed in the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI).

By entering the program, Ms. Curtis would be able to walk away with a clean record. (I, personally, find that inconsequential as Ms. Curtis already has a criminal record for other crimes, such as forgery and theft.)

There are other benefits, like, supposedly she may be rehabilitated and her behavioral problem corrected. Moreover, many of the costs associated with the formal court processes are eliminated once she is accepted into PTI. PTI reduces the burden on the court and allows resources to be devoted to more serious criminals.

I wonder why Ms. Curtis chose to plead not guilty on May 6, 2011. She had the opportunity to enter the PTI program. More than likely, as she is now reportedly pregnant, staying in jail is not what she is looking forward to. Personally, I think she should be sentenced to 18 months of community service. Her service should be cleaning the kennels of animal shelters, feeding the animals, etc. Maybe then she would start respecting the value of life.

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  1. “18 months of community service” – You have to be fricken kidding!!!! She deserves life in jail for what she did to Patrick

  2. I disagree about Curtis working with animals as punishment. She should never be allowed near animals again! We don’t let pedaphiles work with children. It makes no sense to let her be near animals cleaning kennels. She deserves hard jail time & her children should be in protective custody too to protect them. If she starved Patrick to death what will she do to those kids?

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