Cora–The Story of the Dog Rescued in the Parking Lot of Wal-Mart

The video that follows went viral with animal advocates. The video follows Cora, a Chiweenie (Chihuahua—dachshund mix) young dog who was dumped in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Luckily, Eldad Hagar, who is one extremely patient man from Hope for Paws, rescued her. It took a lot of patience and two hours to catch her; but he succeeded. Just watch the video. Warning: Get a box of tissues. If you are human, you will shed some tears. This is a powerful story.

Now, here’s Cora today. She is a happy mom of 3 healthy, 11-day-old puppies.

Cora and her puppies (Credit: Flickr photostream of Eldad Hagar, Hope for Paws)

I cannot express my gratitude for Eldad Hagar. His patience and his love for animals is a blessing. As an animal advocate, I see a lot of violence against animals. It’s nice to see a caring person as well.

For poor Cora, who at the time of rescue was a skinny, shaking, fearful girl who didn’t trust the kindness of a stranger, it took 2 days from when she was first spotted at the Wal-Mart parking lot until she was finally in Hagar’s caring arms.

Cora, within minutes of her rescue (Image from video by Hope for Paws)

After she was rescued, she was placed in the home of ICARE Dog Rescue foster volunteer Ally, where Cora slept nearly all the time and wasn’t at all trusting of people. You can read all about Cora’s first night and next day at the Ally’s Adoptables website.

Her first night she was sooo exhausted and scared still. She enjoyed being held, but was terrified of being picked up … and I took a few Chi war wounds on my fingers in the process. I tucked her away in a big, soft, cozy crate and let her just relax and recuperate all night.

This morning she has a better disposition. Still very fearful and occasionally growling at the dogs that come near her. BUT, she did eat and she is starting to trust me. Today when we went out for potty, she is still refusing to move. So, I sat down near her … about 3′ away, the length of the leash. I just sat there talking sweet to her but not looking at her. I talked in a soothing tone, but ignored her. We sat there about 20 minutes … slowly she inched her way closer, and closer to me…shaking like a leaf the whole time.

Finally, she looked at me like she was praying that what she was about to do would turn out ok — she quickly jumped into my LAP and hunkered down close to me. That was all it took! She didn’t want to leave my lap again while we were outside. A tiny milestone that made me SOOO Happy for Miss Cora!


What a sweet story, and what a huge and bold move for Cora. Cora, more than likely, may never have known love before! And her trust is just growing by leaps and bounds. Cora was pregnant at the time of rescue. Within a few weeks, she gave birth to 3 healthy puppies. Here are some photos of the proud mamma and her pups.

Cora will be up for adoption after her pups are weaned and she is spayed (in about 10 weeks). As Cora is currently in Southern California, she will be up for adoption in the same local area.

You can get updates on her on Cora’s Facebook page or Ally’s Adoptables site.

And I want to thank everyone involved in this sweet girl’s rescue. If it weren’t for Hagar’s patience and Ally’s fostering skills, who knows what would have happened to this sweet, forgiving girl in that parking lot.

It’s so refreshing to have happy endings in this cruel world.

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  1. Such a heartwarming story, so happy for little Cora and the pups…Some people are so kind and have God in their hearts…God bless all the people who helped this poor little pup, and to those who abandoned her, well…that they will have to live with and face God with….

  2. Thank you for this wonderful story about Cora. It made me cry all over again!
    I’ve been fostering Cora since Eldad & Icare rescued her on the 10th. Her pups are now 5 weeks on (6 weeks this Thursday!) and could not be healthier! Cora has been a fantastic Mama! I also thought you might like to know that Cora has been adopted. Her little boy Comet has too…by the same adopter =) Mom and son get to live together forever! One of the girls, Cupid, has an adoption pending a home check also–just one pup left to find a fantastic home for! Fostering this family have been one of the best things I’ve ever done. It has been such a pleasure and I love them all so much.

  3. It was said that she abandoned in a walmart parking lot.Me and my mom almost cried because why on earth would someone abandon such adorable puppy like Cora. But after you guys rescued her me and my mom were so happy that she was safe sound and live with her new owner and her son camo.

  4. Lizanne thank you for capturing such buautifel images of our new born son. Alex was very relaxed during the shoot as demonstrated in the pictures. We would definitely recommend your photography services to others wishing to capture those special moments. All the best, Lee & Chrystella.

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