A Personal Rainbow Bridge

A few days ago, I got my copy of Dog Fancy and in it was an article about “Memorializing Your Dog.” That article hit home. I had so many of my pets go to the Bridge. Of course, I have a multiple-pet household, which means that I will have many more pets leaving us at some point or another. So, I’d like to share with you how I handle my own memorial.

When our first pet died, a guinea pig named “Sparky,” we buried him in our yard and the children made some rudimentary marker that was way too fragile to put in the ground. Then other guinea pigs joined, as well as a number of hamsters and birds. I planted a small bush around the small-pet cemetery. Twenty-five years later, that bush is huge.

When our first dog, Ginger, died, we had her cremated. We were going to bury her in the “pet cemetery,” but never got around to it. My daughter didn’t want her in the ground where she would remain if we were ever to move. So, I put Ginger’s ashes in one of the shelves of one of our bookcases. Not too long later, other dogs followed.

The place where time stops

The boxes that the crematory gave us became too big and numerous to hide in the bookcase. It was time to look for another place. Just about that time, a faux grandfather clock that my Dad gave us when I was a young bride broke. The clock handles broke, and the clock no longer was telling time. I placed Ginger, Coriander, and Zack Curry behind the clock. They were placed where time stopped.

Now, that clock houses Cinnamon, Basil, Camembert, and my Mom’s cat, Cirmi. It is where all my pets will go. That’s my way of memorizing them. Someday, as this song says, I will be gone too. Then, my pets will be going with me. If I’m cremated, my ashes will be mixed with theirs and spread. If I’m to be buried, I want them in my casket. What is your way of memorizing your pets?

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