RIP Cammie

Sometimes I can’t report about dog news, especially when my heart is aching for other reasons.

Just in case you are wondering, I am the admin of Patrick’s Voice: Animal Abuse Awareness (Maryland). Most of the time, I report about animal abuse and anything related to dogs, whether amusing or disturbing. I am owned by 4 dogs, and, up until Tuesday, May 17, 2011, I was also owned by a beautiful calico-white cat whom we named Camembert and nicknamed her Cammie.

For the first two years of her life, she lived in the streets on the Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. My daughter’s best friend honeymooned there and rescued Cammie and another kitty. She kept the other kitty and Cammie came to live with us. According to my vet, Cammie was about 2 years old and had had kittens. We spayed her and made sure that she was to be an indoor cat. I know that I may have robbed her of her “freedom,” but I know that I have added a secure life for her. She never had to dodge cars and avoid cat fights. Her only problem, if you can call it a problem was to live with 4–5 rescued dogs. The dogs knew that Cammie ruled.

All in all, Cammie was a sweet kitty. She loved to sit on our laps. Every day, after I showered, she would come and sit on my lap and purr away. If you sat down in chair, you were always in danger of getting your clothes full of long, white kitty hair. Cammie would run

Cammie yawned when I took this picture. But I loved how threatening she looked.

to you, give a high-pitched meow, and you were hooked. She’d leaped on your lap, and she would be in kitty heaven.

Cammie and my husband had a strong bond. Every day, after we came home from work, hubby would go down to the computer in the basement and check e-mail, etc. Cammie would give him about 2 hours. After the 2 hours passed, she’d come down looking for him. He’d go up with her to our bedroom and they’d watch TV together. She’d lay on the bed with him or sometimes, she’d go on the window sill to look outside. This was an everyday occurrence with those two. I’d always called her his “girl friend.”

Sadly, we didn’t know that she was ill. But once she showed us signs that she was not doing well, she went downhill fast. On Saturday, May 14, she was her old self. On Sunday, she was a bit quieter, but not enough to alarm us. On Monday morning, we noticed that she was acting unusually quiet.

Cammie loved to sit on the window sill and look outside. Now that the days were getting nicer, we would open the window and let her listen to the birds chirping, a pastime that she absolutely loved to do. It was always her habit to spend part of the evening on the sill and then sometime during the night, she’d come and join us on our bed. Sunday night she spend on the window sill and never joined us in our bed. She never left the window sill, not even to eat or to use the bathroom. When we looked in on her, we saw that, rather than looking and listening for the birds, she was lying down, looking sick. We took the day off and took her to the vet.

Our vet X-rayed her and gave her an ultrasound. They found a massive mass around her heart, her liver, and another in her jaw. There was no hope. We were going to euthanize her on Tuesday night. But she saved us the agony. She went quietly in her sleep in the hospital.

I take comfort that Cammie is at the Rainbow Bridge with her dog siblings who went there before her. I am hoping that she is enjoying the chirping of the birds while she waits for us to join her one day.

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  1. I am so, so sorry for Cammie’s passing. I look at her pictures and she is just so beautiful,, and we can tell she is very loved. I have three cats of my own rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico where I live. So Cammie was Caribbean as my cats. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story of your Cammie. God bless you all.

  2. I lost one of my cats last Fall, she was only sick a few days with kidney problems that couldn’t be helped, and like Cammie she went before I had to have her PTS maybe Cammie will see her at the Rainbow Bridge

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