Patrick, the NJ Pit Bull Is Striving While Humans Are Infighting about Future Animal Abuse Laws

While Patrick is continuing to thrive and getting stronger at GSVS Hospital in New Jersey, in the virtual world of Facebook, a battle is escalating over who has the right to fight for changing animal abuse laws.

Ms. Rachel Wolf, in March 25, 2011, created the page Patrick’s Law over at Facebook. She, like many others, was horrified to have learned about Patrick’s plight. The young pit bull was starved, denied liquids, tied at the rail of a staircase on the 19th floor of a 22-floor apartment building, and later discarded like garbage when his poor emaciated body succumbed to malnourishment. He wasn’t dead, but quite near it, 6-hours away, according the veterinarians who treated him during his critical hours.

Patrick’s many followers in Facebook are so irate that they want to change the laws. They feel that animals should not be considered objects. They are living beings who should be protected by laws.

At first, the group was united under the banner of Ms. Wolf’s Facebook page: Patrick’s Law. However, it didn’t take long for dissention to take place. Many Facebook members claimed to have voiced their desire to help out, to spread the word even further, to get their states involved. That was not how Ms. Wolf envisioned it. She envisioned everyone under one banner, tooting one slogan. Individual pages that suddenly sprung up were shut down for “third-party infringement of rights.” Apparently, Ms. Wolf (who even admitted to it) contacted Facebook administrators and requested removal of said pages. She claims ownership of the phrase, Patrick’s Law. According to official records, this phrase is not yet officially hers and furthermore, there already exists a bill to pass a Patrick’s Law. It is a bill that would allow children whose one parent murders the other parent to divorce and cut all parental rights from the surviving parent. I don’t know much about laws, but it seems to me that it might be improbable to be allowed to trademark the name of a law that is already in a docket to be considered (if not already passed).

But the infighting is still very much alive. It is not only very active on Facebook, it is also now escalating over the Internet. Ms. Wolf is accused of ill temper, calling the once members of her Facebook page trolls, idiots, etc. She is prone to continuously delete any posts that are critical or inquisitive about her future plans. Whether the posts are malicious or innocently critical, they are immediately deleted. Screenposts proving these allegations were made available to bloggers. (I have seen them myself.) Moreover, posts are not only deleted, the owner of the posts are banned from the page. Seems to me that Ms. Wolf does not know how face criticism and how to maintain her people happy.

Volunteers are rare breed. You nurture them. You don’t abuse them. And, if they don’t comply with your wishes, you don’t berate them. You either accept that their way may get you what you want anyway, or you nicely show them how to do the work your way. Ms. Wolf has not yet learned this.

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