Patrick: The Cruelest Case of Animal Abuse

Patrick, a young pit bull mix, was found by a maintenance worker in garbage bag ready for the trash compactor. Lucky for Patrick, he had enough strength to make a slight movement from inside the bag that this poor dog was stuffed. The maintenance person investigated and was shocked to find this poor emaciated corpse-like body. How could some people be so cruel?

Patrick is now under the Associated Humane Societies Newark Animal Care Center (AHS). When came to the AHS is temperature was so low it didn’t register. He was put on IV fluids, and he was warmed up with blankets and heating pads. Vet tech Gina DeSalvo held him in her arms, soothing him, giving him nibbles of food. “From that moment on, he looked up with gratitude in his eyes to all of the staff,” reports an article on Care2Petition.

He was named Patrick because he was found on March 16, a day before St. Patrick’s Day. Today, Patrick is doing well, considering what he went through, but his ordeal is not over. If you can find it in your heart and your pocketbook to donate anything (every little bit helps) towards his care, it will be appreciated. Also, the AHS has set up a fund for a reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s). You can donate to both on the AHS site, and earmark your contribution to go directly to Patrick or to the reward fund. If you encounter any problems, don’t’ hesitate to call them at (973) 824-7080. You can ask for her or anyone else who can take a donation by phone. If you prefer to send a check, you can find the address here. Feel like signing a petition to bring this to the attention of local law enforcement and politicians? Go to Patrick’s Care2Petition page. Or you may click on Patrick’s picture on the sidebar, which will lead you to his donation page.

I’m posting some pictures of Patrick here, and I’ll try to keep this blog updated about his well being as well. AHS has a blog dedicated to Patrick’s story. Please visit it as often as you can. There you can read more about him and view more pictures, and videos. Don’t forget to bring a box of Kleenex©.

Patrick when he was brought in to emergency care.
Patrick, first moments in emergency care.

Click on the photos to view the larger versions.

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