Woman Who Tried to Mail Puppy Loses Custory But Is Appealing

Minneapolis Woman Loses Custody of Dog She Tried to Mail: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

Stacey Champion, the woman who tried to send a 4-month old puppy through the U.S. Postal Mail, lost custody of the dog. Fabian Hoffner, the administrative officer presiding over the hearing called her attempt in mailing the puppy via air mail in a box without air holes, water, and food “disgraceful.” Ms. Champion claimed to have made lots of holes in the box, but failed to explain how the pup would have been able to breathe in the box when she covered it up with fake money and tape. Moreover, she also claimed that she put a water bottle water in the box, but no bottle was found inside it, either.

Champion requested her box back, but her request was denied, as the box is kept for evidence. I wonder whether she needed the box to try to mail another puppy to her son in Atlanta. At the hearing, the postal inspector testified that the puppy would have arrived dead. He would have met death either by suffocation, by thirst, by hunger, by being knocked around during his two-day journey, or by freezing to death in the subzero temperatures of the plane’s cargo hold. No one knows what Ms. Champion was thinking to come up with such an unfathomable idea. It seems as if, to this day, she still does not grasp the gravity of her action.

Currently, Ms. Champion is appealing her sentence. This means that the puppy will not be put up for adoption this coming Saturday. Her new court hearing is set for February 28, and she will be responsible for the puppy’s daily upkeep, which is roughly $15.00 a day. In the next five days, she will need to come up for a bond, showing that she has the means to pay for the daily upkeep. If she fails, the puppy will go up for adoption. As there are numerous requests to adopt him, the adoption will be done via lottery.

Ms. Champion is still facing animal cruelty charges.

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