Woman Who Tried to Mail Puppy Wants It Back!

Stacey Champion, the 39-year-old woman who tried to mail a puppy from Minneapolis to Atlanta is now requesting to have the puppy returned to her.

Ms. Champion is pleading her case today (Monday, February 07, 2011). According to Dan Nizziolek, the manager for the Minneapolis’ Animal Care and Control, no one has yet tried to appeal after an animal was impounded because of animal cruelty. But, then again, no one has yet tried to send a puppy through the mail, either.

Ms. Champion will have to pay $250.00 in fees the city for kenneling and puppy care. If she loses her case, the puppy may be put up for adoption. Of course, she can still take her case to the Court of Appeals. However, it would cost her $15.00 a day for puppy care till her case is resolved one way or another. In other words, Ms. Champion may find that her mistake may end up being quite costly. Luckily, her “mistake” did not cost the puppy’s life.

Dan Niziolek informed the Star Tribune that despite winning her appeal, Ms. Champion, because she has a criminal case for animal cruelty, could still have a judge who’d restrict her ownership of animals.

I am sure that there are a number of people who feel that, not only should Ms. Champion not win the puppy back, nor should she ever be able to keep animals as pets.

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