Breakfast for Champions

My full-blooded 11-year-old basset hound Carrie has mast-cell cancer. We chose to let her live out her days in comfort and dignity. We give her prednisone to slow down the tumor’s growth, anti-histamine pills twice a day to help her with the histamines the cancerous cells release, and antacids for stomach issues she may have […]

How to keep your pets safe during the Fourth of July Holidays

Fourth of July is a big event in the United States. We celebrate our nation’s birthday, and we celebrate it with a bang, lots of bangs, actually. Unfortunately, many pets are afraid of the loud noises associated with fireworks. Here are some tips in helping your pets cope with the holiday: Leave your pets at […]

A Personal Rainbow Bridge

A few days ago, I got my copy of Dog Fancy and in it was an article about “Memorializing Your Dog.” That article hit home. I had so many of my pets go to the Bridge. Of course, I have a multiple-pet household, which means that I will have many more pets leaving us at […]