How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

A few weeks ago, I lost my companion. He died in my arms. Then, as he was part of an open adoption, and, as his family is Buddhists, we witnessed his memorial service at a Buddhist temple. His soul was released to find another body. I wished him a human body that would love animals […]

Getting Rid of a Rotten Apple, Doesn’t Mean You Cut the Tree Down!

oI published my concerns regarding a person who seems not t care about animals but who is hiding behind a rescue organization. That blog posting can be found here. Unfortunately and fortunately, rescuers are an emotional bunch. Fortunately because without their emotional heart many animals would be facing death and abuse. The rescuer’s kind heart […]

Patrick to Stay at GSVS

The custody battle over Patrick between Garden State Veterinary Specialist (GSVS) and Associated Humane Societies (AHS) is over for now. Judge Joseph Cassini, III ruled today that Patrick will not be removed from the animal hospital to go to Popcorn Park Zoo, the animal shelter the AHS runs in Forked River, NJ. Patrick was taken […]

Patrick’s First NJ SPCA Hero

This is Arthur Skinner, who, according to the NJ SPCA Facebook Page, was the first to get to Patrick after the maintenance man found him in the trash chute. Arthur kept Patrick company until help arrived. He was the first to give Patrick (after the maintenance man) a sense of what human beings are really […]

Kisha Curtis Pleads “Not Guilty”

Kisha Curtis had her day in court today. Outside the courthouse a number of Patrick supporters were peacefully assembling and making speeches supporting stronger laws against those who abuse animals. Animals can’t speak for themselves, but luckily, there are enough individuals who are willing to speak in their behalf. As expected, Ms. Curtis pleaded “not […]