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Puppy Found in a Trash

We heard of Patrick, who was found in a trash in Newark, NJ. We heard of Braveheart, who was dumped in a public dumpster in Kentucky. Now, there’s Brady, a 14-week-old male pit-bull–bulldog-mix puppy who was found in a trash bin in North Dallas. The poor pups was found on Saturday, April 9. His ears, eyes, and snout were taped shut. Apparently, the abuser didn’t want the pup to be heard.

The puppy is currently under foster care and is undergoing surgery on a broken shin.

The puppy was found in a Condominium trash dumpster. Lucky for the puppy, one person heard a noise in the bin when she was throwing out the trash. She and another neighbor investigated the dumpster and found him. The both contacted Christina Peyton, who lives in the complex and is known by her neighbors as an animal lover.

“He had urine stains on him and his fingernails were stained,” said Peyton to Sarah Blaskovich, of, who is a volunteer for Texas Little Cuties (TLC) Rescue. “He was kept in pretty deplorable conditions. … Oddly enough, he seemed happy as could be. He didn’t seem to have any anger.”

Apparently, the dog was kept in a wire crate for most of his short live. That would explain the urine stains and bumps on his underside.

Because he is a “bully” dog, no police report was filed. He, more than likely, would have been euthanatized just for his breed.

Dallas is currently under the Texas Little Cuties (TLC) Rescue care. He will be put up for adoption when he recovers from orthopedic surgery. TLC will conduct a background check on people who want to adopt him will be especially careful, as he is from a bully breed. Luckily, Brady’s temperament is very laidback.

As Brady’s bill will be costly, TLC is trying to raise $2,000 online to  his surgery (valued at $1,300–$1,500) and vet office fees (valued at about $500).

“This is the worst abuse case I’ve been involved with personally,” Peyton said. “For this to happen in this area, midday, this was the cruelest act I’ve witnessed. Obviously, he was treated terribly during his life.”

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