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Urgent Medical Need for Sudden Spinal Impairment in a Healthy, Happy Young Dog

Raven needs help, lots of help. In her short life she has met with, and has overcome, lots of crisis:

  1. She was dumped at a kill shelter in Kentucky.
  2. The shelter was going to close. Every animal was to be euthanized. She was one of the lucky ones and was saved.
  3. Her foster mom abandoned her when Hurricane Irene struck the area she was living in. Poor Raven (and other fosters in the foster mom’s care) was abandoned for 4 days.

The rescue organization had to fight in court to get Raven away from her bad foster condition and put her in a better situation. Once Raven was under a better foster care, as well as getting healthy again, and just as her adoption papers were being signed, Raven lost control of her hind legs. Unfortunately, her illness progressed to decreased bowel and bladder control.

Raven was rushed to the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, where an MRI was done. Before receiving the MRI results, everyone thought that all Raven was going to need was an emergency surgery to fix a ruptured or herniated disc.

The MRI proved that every disc was intact and in place. All the MRI shows is a small white area, dead center in her spinal cord, midway down her back. There are very few possibilities for what is going on in this 1-year-old, who, technically speaking is a perfectly healthy, happy, active, incredible dog, and showing no obvious signs of injury, and yet partially unable to use her lower limbs.

Raven needs further tests to find what is ailing her. She may have suffered a small stroke in spinal cord. Hopefully, she is suffering a temporary loss. Unfortunately, the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital is charging $2,000.00 for further testing. And there’s a ChipIn to help the rescue taking care of her to enable this poor dog to undergo the testing.

Raven is an incredibly happy dog who so wants to love and live her life. She is way too young to have it ended so soon.

If all else fails, a cart will be given to her.

After her health problems are solved, Raven will need to be adopted by a special family who will be able to take care of her and give her the love and care she needs. Won’t you open your heart and help her. Even a $1.00 is a blessed help. Thank you.

Here’s a quote from the head of the rescue taking care of Raven:

Please help me give Raven the same chance!! I will be happy to send anyone who needs it – the estimate once they give it to me today and any receipts from the care she has already received (just under $4,000.00 of which I have covered $3,000.00 myself, but have no more left!!).

U Penn (once she is a patient there) will take larger payments on her bill over the phone. I will provide that information also I’m given the number to use. Till then, my information is

Dawn Joslin
31 Putting Green Avenue
Northfield, NJ 08225

cell: 609-277-4684


Rescue: Angels on Paws Animal Rescue (501c3 in the works)

I am a member in good standing with Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society (501c3). We are all independent rescuers with this group. So we are responsible for all of our own expenses, such as vetting, boarding, transport, etc, just as we are responsible for finding fosters and adoptive homes (which is why I am also asking for the posts  not only for donation, in the hopes that we may find that special home for Raven).

Raven’s Chip In

My PayPal.

I will give you, or anyone who asks, whatever info needed that is within my power to give. I need to be able to try to help this love!!! Just ask

Thank you for considering helping in whatever way(s) you can, we are all truly appreciative!!

Visit Raven’s FB Page.

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