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Kisha Curtis on Video

In case you haven’t seen this:

Kisha Curtis Gets Probation—Patrick Gets Lifetime of Happiness

Kisha Curtis had her day in court and was spared by the judicial system. She did not get the maximum sentence that many animal rescue advocates were hoping for (18-months in jail, a $5,000 fine, and community service). She received probation. According to the judge, Curtis will be required to serve 18 months probation and forfeit her right to Patrick. She’ll also be required to pay nearly $2,000 to the New Jersey ASPCA, which gave the Patrick emergency care before he was moved to a veterinary hospital in Tinton Falls.

In issuing the sentence, the judge said the dog survived and is now thriving. Moreover, according to the judge, this case led to tougher penalties for animal cruelty. The judge also said that Curtis was unlikely to commit such a crime again. Let us hope so.

I guess we still live in a world wherein an animal’s well being is still not respected. Animals are still viewed as property and not as individual living beings with feelings. We made some progress, we just need bigger steps. We need to understand that starving a living being to the brink of death is a HUGE crime, not something to brush under the rug. I am not happy with the outcome. I don’t think that Ms. Curtis has learned her lesson. Hopefully, she will never get a pet again. However, I do respect the law and if that’s what the court decided, I will just have to learn to live with it. But I will continue to fight for animal rights and report animal abuse.

On a happier note, the court system granted Dr. and Mrs. Scavelli, the veterinarian and wife duo who treated Patrick back to health and then fostered him in their loving home for 2 1/2 years, full custody of Patrick. Patrick will continue to live for the rest of his life in the only home he knows, the only home that loved him and cherished him. There is some justice for Patrick, just not full justice.


Kisha Curtis Pleads Guilty to Abusing Patrick, the Pit Bull Thrown 19 Floors into a Garbage Chute

According to the New Jersey’s Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, Kisha Curtis entered a guilty plea to animal cruelty. Ms. Curtis was to have a trial by jury for allegations that of cruelty against Patrick, the pit bull. The guilty plea was not part of a deal and the assistant prosecutors handling the case say they will seek the maximum penalty of 18 months. Currently, Ms. Curtis faces a maximum sentence of 18-months in jail, a $5,000 fine, and community service. It will be up to the judge to decide what the sentence will be. Ms. Curtis is currently free on bail and is set to be sentenced on August 29.

Ms. Curtis was accused of tying the then 1-year-old puppy to a railing in the hall of her Newark apartment and abandoning him without food and water, which, up to yesterday, she continuously denied.

On  March 16, 2011, the building custodian found the emaciated puppy stuffed in a trash bag at the bottom of a garbage chute in the apartment building. Ms. Curtis denied any wrong doing for the past 2.5 years. The puppy was rushed to the AHS hospital, wherein, a kind veterinarian found the puppy’s eyes pleading for life. She gave him first aid and let nature decide his fate. Patrick was found still alive on morning of March 17, and he was named Patrick, in honor of St. Patrick’s day.

Patrick was rushed  to Garden State Veterinary Specialists (GSVS), where he was nurtured and taken care of. Patrick is also a symbol for the plight against animal neglect and abuse. There are movements to name antianimal abuse laws for him. He currently lives with the owner–veterinarian  of GSVS and his wife. There’s a movement to encourage AHS to allow his foster family to adopt him.

The Awaited Trial of Kisha Curtis, the Alleged Patrick, the Pit Bull, Abuser

Tomorrow is July 30, and hoperfully, the long awaited trial of Kisha Curtis, the alleged abuser of the pit bull named Patrick. Her trial was July 30, 2013 (1:30 pm). Let us hope that justice for Patrick will finally begin.

Kisha Curtis

The trial of Kisha Curtis, indicted on a charge of fourth degree animal cruelty, has now been rescheduled to July 30 at 1:30 p.m. Animal advocates who are following this case closely are hoping that the trial will finally start and not be postponed as it has been for the past 2 years. Kisha Curtis is indicted on a charge of fourth-degree animal cruelty.

The defense has asked for a trial by jury. However, there is some speculation that there may be some difficulty in finding unbiased jury members due to the tremendous publicity incurred these past 2 years on this case. However, I feel that no matter what, the court will be able to find unbiased jury members. As much as we, the animal advocates, are very aware of this particular case of animal abuse, there are numerous folks out there who have not heard about Patrick. (I know that most of my readers would find that hard to believe. But I have encountered a number of people in my everyday life who look at me totally bewildered when I ask them if they heard of Patrick. Most of the time, I get, “Patrick, who?”

Here’s a synopsis for those of you who just stumbled on this blog and are asking, “Patrick, who?”

Kisha Curtis is charged with “purposely, knowingly or recklessly tormenting and/or torturing the canine known as “Patrick.” She is accused of tying Patrick to a railing in the hallway on the 19th floor outside her apartment in a 22-floor housing complex in Newark, New Jersey, and leaving the state and the dog unattended, without food and water. Fourth-degree crimes carry a potential penalty of up to 18 months in jail. For over 2 years, Ms. Curtis has sought to avoid punishment for the heinous crime that nearly took the life of the innocent, defenseless dog. Ms. Curtis has pleaded not guilty and claims she never harmed the dog, but does acknowledge abandoning the dog by leaving it tied to a railing. She claimed that she was hoping someone would give him food and water while she was gone. Ms. Curtis has denied being the cause of his starvation, even though she abandoned him, leaving him to fend for himself, a task impossible to do when he was tied up to the railing. Patrick, whose body condition when found indicated long-term starvation was so emaciated that he looked to be dead. More than likely, Patrick fainted from lack of food and water. Someone found him in that condition, put him in a plastic bag, and threw him down the garbage chute. Miraculously, the animal survived the fall. Ms. Curtis claims that it was not she who threw him down the trash chute. She claims Patrick was in good physical condition when she left him before boarding a bus for Albany where she stayed for more than a week. She claims that she gave Patrick to a security guard in the building before she left. The guard denies the allegation. Ms. Curtis has repeatedly rejected a plea deal. Patrick has since made a full recovery and is living in a foster home and it is hoped that one day his foster home will become his forever home.

Patrick from the unimaginable and today:

Will Kisha Curtis Ever Have a Trial?

Once again, the trial that so many animal advocates were waiting for is delayed. The trial of Kisha Curtis, the alleged abuser of the pit bull named Patrick has been rescheduled for July 30, 2013 (1:30 pm). From what I understand, it will be a jury trial. As soon as I get more information, I will updated this blog.
Patrick is eagerly awaiting for his day in court!

Kisha Curtis (Alleged Abuser of Patrick, the Miracle Dog) Expected to Face a Trial

On May 24, 2013, Kisha Curtis, 29, of Newark, appeared with her attorney, Mark Rojas, in Essex County Superior Court in Newark, NJ. and rejected the state’s plea offer of 18 months in prison, forfeiture of the dog and fees in exchange for pleading guilty to one count of fourth-degree animal cruelty. Ms. Curtis will go on trial on July 9, 2013. If she is convicted, she faces up to 18 months in prison. There is a possibility, however, that, under a fourth-degree charge, she may not be incarcerated.

Ms. Curtis claims that she did not abuse the dog, who is now known as Patrick and is in a loving home. Patrick was found emaciated and near death in a garbage chute inside a plastic garbage bag. He was thrown down the chute from the 19th floor and miraculously survived the fall. He was rescued the day before 2011’s St. Patrick’s Day. He was taken to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists where he received great care and has now fully recovered.

Hearing for the pretrial motions is set for June 28. There is also an ongoing civil suit between the city of Newark and Associated Humane Societies (AHS). AHS claims custody of Patrick. However, Patrick is currently in a loving home. He is content with his current family. The civil suit, which is currently on hold, will resume after the criminal trial is resolved.

A Jury Trial for the Alleged Dog Abuser

Kisha Curtis

Kisha Curtis wanted a Pre-Trial Intervention, which would have enabled her to have the criminal offense to be erased from her record if she were to satisfactorily complete the program. Ms. Curtis, however, had other previous criminal charges, which immediately disqualified her from the program. She will have a jury trial in the criminal court. The date when the trial will commence will be decided on May 24.

Meanwhile, Patrick, the pit-bull mix Ms. Curtis  allegedly abused is living a happy life with a family that loves him and he loves them back.

Kisha Curtis, Patrick’s Alleged Abuser’s Day in Court

Patrick, needs your support.

Patrick, first moments in emergency care.

Two years ago, on March 16, a young pit-bull mix was thrown down in a garbage shoot from the 19th floor of a 22 floor apartment building. His body was dehydrated and the animal was starved. He was taken for dead. But as the maintenance man was preparing the pile of garbage for permanent removal, he perceived some movement inside the dark plastic bag, and lucky for Patrick, the man chose to investigate it. The man called the NJ SPCA and the dying dog was taken to the NJ Associate Human Society’s vet hospital. There, the veterinarian saw some spark in the animal’s eye, a sort of yearning to live. She chose to give him life-giving fluids than to euthanize him (a procedure that is the norm in cases such as his), and promised him that, if he’d manage to live through the night, he’d be transported to the nearest emergency care facility. The next day, was St. Patrick’s Day, and the pit bull survived. He was named Patrick and was transported to the GSVS Hospital in Tinton Falls, NJ.

Patrick Today

Kisha Curtis

Patrick was a real miracle. Not only did he survive, but he thrived and was gentle despite the horrific abuse he went through his first year of his life.

Massive globs of hair were found in his intestines, a result of his trying to eat anything he could find to keep alive.

After some investigation, it was discovered that Ms. Keisha Curtis was the rightful owner to Patrick, and although she claims that she did not throw Patrick in the garbage chute (and she has an alibi, as she was out of town during the time he was thrown into the chute), nonetheless, she was charged with animal cruelty for not feeding the dog and not providing proper care for him while she was gone.

Apparently, she tied him to the staircase railway with some food and water (not enough to last for the time she was to be gone). Ms. Curtis was able to postpone her trial a few times. It’s been 2 years, and she still has not have had her day in court. Her newest date is set for May 3, 2013 at 9 am at the Essex County Superior Court in Newark, NJ.

Patrick’s Miracle page on Facebook is requesting that anyone who is able to attend the trial to be there, to show his or her support for this dog who has caught so many people’s heart. According to the staff or Patrick’s Miracle, Kisha Curtis’s defense team is counting on the fact that, as two years have passed since the outrageous news were the buzz of the Internet, the public has moved on and is no longer as interested in this case. If that proves to be true, the Court may not have much incentive to send the right message and give Ms. Curtis the harsh sentence she deserves. Too many times, animal abuse cases are practically swept under rug. We need to show that we, the animal rescuers and animal activists do not accept animal abuse of any sort. We must show that we are strong and are outraged at such uncaring behavior. So, if you live near the Essex County Court, please try to attend. Show your support and be there for Patrick.

Here’s the address:

Friday, May 3 at 9 a.m.

Essex County Superior Court

50 West Market Street

Newark, NJ

Judge Joseph C. Cassini III.

Kisha Curtis Requests a Pretrial Intervention Program

According to Penny Tilton from the Examiner, an anonymous source revealed to them that Kisha Curtis (who is allegedly accused of starving Patrick the pit bull puppy who was thrown 19 floors down the garbage chute) wants to be placed in the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI).

An anonymous source has revealed to the Examiner today Kisha Curtis the woman accused of starving the now famous Pit Bull named Patrick has asked to be placed in the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI).

By entering the program, Ms. Curtis would be able to walk away with a clean record. (I, personally, find that inconsequential as Ms. Curtis already has a criminal record for other crimes, such as forgery and theft.)

There are other benefits, like, supposedly she may be rehabilitated and her behavioral problem corrected. Moreover, many of the costs associated with the formal court processes are eliminated once she is accepted into PTI. PTI reduces the burden on the court and allows resources to be devoted to more serious criminals.

I wonder why Ms. Curtis chose to plead not guilty on May 6, 2011. She had the opportunity to enter the PTI program. More than likely, as she is now reportedly pregnant, staying in jail is not what she is looking forward to. Personally, I think she should be sentenced to 18 months of community service. Her service should be cleaning the kennels of animal shelters, feeding the animals, etc. Maybe then she would start respecting the value of life.

Patrick’s Court Hearing

Thursday, April 19, 2012, the numerous fans of Patrick, the pit bull puppy who survived being thrown into a garbage chute from the 19th floor of a 22-floor building. On that day, supposedly, his alleged abuser, Ms. Kisha Curtis (she is charged for having starved him to death) was tohave her day in court.  Unfortunately, the Associate Humane Societies and Popcorn Park Zoo (AHS), the initial place that Patrick was sent once he was found in the garbage chute, is continuously claiming that Patrick is their property.

In the United States, animals are viewed as property. However, enlightened people know that animals are sentient beings. They are capable of love, and they feel pain and other emotions as well. The laws need to be changed. But that will take time. Read the rest of this entry »

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