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Raven Needs Help

It’s sad to see a life slip by, especially when that life is young and vibrant. Raven is just one-year old. She is full of life. Tomorrow, because no one saw into their hearts to possibility of helping her, she will not understand why she is so tired, and we will have to mourn her short life, because she will never wake up.

Raven lost the capability of using her hind legs. She could have been a good candidate for a K-9 cart. But for that she needs a good home that will deal with her handicap. On top of that, she is losing feelings of one of her front legs. That makes her ability to use a cart a bit more difficult. She needs more therapy (which is costly) and she needs a tender loving home. So this blog is now requesting for the final time for someone who could provide a loving home for as long as she needs to be rehabilitated and to have a life. Are you that person? If yes, please contact Dawn Joslin at 609-277-4684.

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