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The Oldest Mutt in the World


Published: Today

PROUD Glenice Bagley shows off 25-year-old Sheba, which she claims is the oldest dog in the world.

Glenice, 69, said her sheepdog-Alsatian cross – who is 178 in human years – is way ahead of the current title-holder, an Italian mongrel aged just 23.

The retired van driver, who is set to submit an application to the Guinness World Records, said: “I’m proud of her now. If it turns out she’s the oldest dog in the world then I’ll be even more proud of her.


“She doesn’t seem to slow down. She’s lovable, she never growls. She’ll lick you to death.”

Glenice, of Widnes, Cheshire, told how she rescued Sheba when she was just three in 1987 after the animal had been badly neglected following a car crash.

She said: “I got Sheba through my ex daughter-in-law from some people she knew who hadn’t been looking after her. They’d had her since she was a pup and she was three at the time.

“I’m always one for a sob story, so I took her in. Now she’s 25 and she thinks she’s still five. She jumps on the roof of the greenhouse when she sees a cat on the fence. It’s a bit of a dangerous trick for an old dog.

“She walks like a youngster – always at my side with her tail wagging. People stop to say how lovely she is then ask her age.

“I tell them she’s 25 and their mouths fall wide open. They can’t believe it because she’s so lively.

“If she wants to go for a walk she gets up and goes to the door. I’ll take her for a walk up and down the street. You’d expect a dog of her age to be too tired, but she never slows down.”

Glenice said a vet verified Sheba’s age when she needed an operation on an ear nine years ago.

She said: “The vet lifted her on to the table and said, ‘My God, this dog’s 16 years old – and I’m talking 16 of our years, not dog years’.

“He could tell by checking her teeth for her age. He said she was a very old dog and he didn’t know if she’d survive the anaesthetic.

“She is so even-tempered. Babies play with her. If she was a corgi, she might have got a letter from the Queen.

“She’s gone through the mill one way or another. Her back was crushed when she was knocked over and hadn’t been taken to the vet.



“I took her in and she’s been great. She still has a good appetite and eats two tins of food a day.”

Guinness World Records said the oldest living dog they know of is Piccolo, a Tricolour Mongrel in Farra d’Alpago, Italy, born on 1 October 1987.

A spokesman said: “A lot of people do say they’ve got the oldest dog or parrot but have no evidence.

“As part of the verification process we would require a vet’s statement and we try to piece the history of the owner and their dog – including photos of them down the years.”

Source: TheSunCo.UK

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