How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

A few weeks ago, I lost my companion. He died in my arms. Then, as he was part of an open adoption, and, as his family is Buddhists, we witnessed his memorial service at a Buddhist temple. His soul was released to find another body. I wished him a human body that would love animals […]

Basset Hound Earns Top Agility Award

Bassets: Are They Couch Potatoes? Most people think of a basset hound as the perfect couch-potato dog. Most bassets are low key, don’t disturb my sleep kind of dogs. Many also claim that because basset hounds are stubborn by nature (after all, they were bred to follow their nose and get that rabbit out of […]

A deadly virus that may kill your dog

There’s a deadly virus that has jumped species (from pigs and birds to dogs) and can be deadly to dogs. There are no vaccines as of yet. Dog owners should be aware of the symptoms: 1. Lethargy 2. Diarrhea 3. Vomiting If you dog experiences any or all of the symptoms, take it immediately to […]

Can Dogs Count?

I always wondered whether some animals can count. I came to a very unscientific conclusion that mine can. About 14 years ago, my first foster and my first foster failure, Basil Houndini came to live with us.  (I don’t know why the rescue world calls a foster who becomes adopted by the foster family as […]

Patrick, the NJ Abused Pit Bull Gets Fed

Patrick gets hand fed by his doctor: Then he licks his bowl clean And once all is over, he sits patiently to see if there’s more: Also, the hospital was kind enough to take pictures of the many gifts that Patrick is receiving (just click on the picture to see the larger version):

Tear-Wrenching Story: Dog in Japan Stays by the Side of Her Ailing Friend in the Rubble

We all can agree that the tsunami that hit Japan last week was devastating. Besides the number of people and animals who died or were very injured, the damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactor, which is still in the forefront of the news, may have horrible affects for everyone in Japan and the nearby areas. […]

George Washington Loved Dogs!

George Washington, our first president was a dog lover. As a hunter he kept foxhounds and as a farmer, he knew basics of animal breeding and husbandry. He even managed to create a unique breed of foxhound called “Virginia Hounds.” A really interesting article by dog-writer Stanley Coren in Psychology Today describes an incident that […]