Breakfast for Champions

My full-blooded 11-year-old basset hound Carrie has mast-cell cancer. We chose to let her live out her days in comfort and dignity. We give her prednisone to slow down the tumor’s growth, anti-histamine pills twice a day to help her with the histamines the cancerous cells release, and antacids for stomach issues she may have […]

When You Are Sick, There’s Nothing Like a Dog for Comfort

I have a bad, bad cold. Unfortunately for me, it’s a viral cold and not bacterial. Why do I say unfortunately? Because if it were bacterial, I’d be given antibiotics and the excruciating pain that I feel in my throat, Eustachian tube, and ears would be gone within a day. Swallowing is awful. I feel […]

Photo: Sometimes Life Is Hard for a Basset

Caraway Annata, one of the four Spicedogs living with this author, is between the sofas pillows, contemplating whether to sleep or to rest. Yes, life is hard when you are a spoiled basset. Adopt a homeless basset and give them a good life. Contact your local basset hound rescue. All you have to do is […]