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Breakfast for Champions

My full-blooded 11-year-old basset hound Carrie has mast-cell cancer. We chose to let her live out her days in comfort and dignity. We give her prednisone to slow down the tumor’s growth, anti-histamine pills twice a day to help her with the histamines the cancerous cells release, and antacids for stomach issues she may have digesting prednisone. I also feed her twice a day a grain-free dog food with a tiny bit of grain-free canned food to make it more appetizing. On top of it all, Carrie gets a midmorning or midday snack, which consists of a berry-type of fruit (in the photo I’m providing, she’s fed 1 strawberry and 6-10 blueberries), plain yogurt, and a raw egg. Carrie was given 3-months to live on November 2015. Today is January 3, 2016, and she’s quite healthy. I am hoping that my she will have many more birthdays to celebrate on April 15 (he birthdate). And I am hoping that my food choices for her and her younger brothers (the black-and-white dogs also in the photo) are responsible for her longevity.

When You Are Sick, There’s Nothing Like a Dog for Comfort

I have a bad, bad cold. Unfortunately for me, it’s a viral cold and not bacterial. Why do I say unfortunately? Because if it were bacterial, I’d be given antibiotics and the excruciating pain that I feel in my throat, Eustachian tube, and ears would be gone within a day. Swallowing is awful. I feel like a knife is slicing my throat as I swallow. My ears feel like they are ready to burst. The Eustachian tube is pounding when I swallow. I’m just miserable.

Last night, I tried to sleep. I would dose off for a few minutes, only to awaken when I swallowed and my throat began to hurt, the Eustachian tube began to pound, and the ears felt like they were about to burst. Not wanting to wake my husband up, I’d lay quietly in bed with tears flowing down my eyes. By 3 am, I’ve had it. I ran into the bathroom, put the shower on full heat and basked in the comfortable humid warmth emanating in the room. But sitting in the bathroom in the middle of the night is not a comfortable situation, so I went back to the bedroom.

The idea of going to bed and suffer again was very uninviting. I decided to sit on one of our chairs in the room that we use when we are watching TV, put my basset hound designed blanket for warmth, and tried to sleep in a sitting position.

As I fall asleep, I hear a thud coming from my bed. My youngest basset hound, Caraway (AKA Carrie), jumped off the bed. Carrie always sleeps by my feet. As soon as she found out that I was sleeping on the chair, she came and joined me there. I was amazed at her faithfulness. She’d rather sleep on the floor next to me than to continue to sleep on the comfortable bed without me. Who else would give this degree of love to you?

I am partial to basset hounds. I’ve been owned by one or more for almost 30 years. However, I will say this, there are so many dogs out there from purebreds to Heinz 57s who would make great faithful companions just like my Carrie.

In the United States, thousands of dogs are euthanized because they are no longer wanted. But all they need is a person willing to take them into their homes. I urge you to save a poor dog who is facing death in a shelter. Just follow this link, to view the numerous cats and dogs looking to get out of death row.

Photo: Sometimes Life Is Hard for a Basset

Caraway Annata, affectionately known as Carrie.

Caraway Annata, one of the four Spicedogs living with this author, is between the sofas pillows, contemplating whether to sleep or to rest. Yes, life is hard when you are a spoiled basset. Adopt a homeless basset and give them a good life. Contact your local basset hound rescue. All you have to do is click on the name of your state and you’ll be able to find a good rescue facility. Rescue organizations work hard, get monetary reward for their work, but they know that their work makes a difference to a life.

Can Bassets Run?

You be the judge:

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