About BH Rescue

What is basset hound rescue?

Basset hound rescue is an adoption agency for basset hounds. Operated solely by volunteers dedicated to the welfare of basset hounds. Basset hound rescue organizations find new homes for abandoned and relinquished basset hounds.

Changing lifestyles, moves to condominiums and apartments, and the general state of the economy create an abundance of good basset hounds who need new homes. Often bassests are rescued from pounds, as well as no-kill shelters. The rescue voluteers provide home for strays whose owners cannot be found, as well as for those who are given up directly by owners, who no longer want them. Usually there’s a good selection of ages, sexes, and coloring.

A veterinarian examines each dog resscued and checks for parasites, gives immunizations, and either spays or neuters, as necessary. The the dogs are placed in the home of a potential adopter for a trial period. During the trial period, a member of the rescue organization periodically checks on how you and your rescued dog are doing. The member will be available for advice and to share your frustration with this lovable breed. If a potential permanent home is not available, the dog is placed in a temporary foster home until one is found.

Most rescue organizations are is very careful about the homes selected for our dogs. The welfare of the bassets in mind, first and foremost. These dogs have already lost the security of their original homes and some have been either abused, abandoned, or neglected. They need to be placed in stable homes where they will be allowed to live out the rest of their lives being loved and well-cared for. Being shifted from one home to another, or worse yet, to a pound or shelter is confusing and can be traumatic to the dog. This can cause severe behavior problems. As many of these dogs do not cope well with the quick movement of young children, some rescue organizations look for homes where there isn’t a lot of stress.

Over the years, many organizations we have developed a few requirements that they have found to work for the welfare of both the basset hounds and the prospective adoptive family. Some rescue, if not all suggest that in order to adopt a dog, the following requirements must be met:

  • Approved homes shall have fenced-in yards.
  • A legal contract will be signed when a dog is adopted.
  • The dog will sleep inside at night and be provided adequate shelter during the day.
  • Approved homes with swimming pools must have their pools fenced in. Swimming pools not adequately fenced, as well as pool access gates left open, present a great risk to this breed for accidental drowning.
  • If for any reason the dog must be given up once it has been adopted, it will be returned to the rescue organization the dog was adopted from unless the agent of that particular agency, as agreed in the contract, has approved the transfer to another party.

A contribution or a fee is required for each adopted dog in order to allow the organizatin to continue to rescue Bassets. The amount of the adoption contribution varies among each rescue organization. Any donation over and above those incurred by the organizations is tax-deductible to the donor. The contributions are used entirely on the rescued dogs and are necessary to continue the service. Most rescue organizations run some minor fundraising activities, such as sales of basset hound related ites, etc.

Bassets are considered to be more than just personal property: They are viewed loving, needing, feeling, living creatures who depend upon humans totally for their health, welfare, and existence. Please spend some time evaluating your own lifestyle and situation and be honest with yourself before you decide to own a dog.

Most organizations always looking for good foster and permanent homes, as well as volunteers who are interested in working with the rescue organizations. Some of the type of help need are as follows:

  • Visiting prospective homes.
  • Picking up dogs from pounds or shelters.
  • Delivering dogs veterinary hospitals or foster homes.
  • Running of general errands.

As a volunteer you can be as active as you wish, picking an activity to suit your special interest and the time you have to spare. If you are interested in any part of our program, please your local rescue organization.