Why Rescue?

Basset hounds are sweet-natured dogs. Their long, floppy ears and their mournful expressions melt people’s hearts and challenge their wisdom. But, hidden in that sweetness, bassets hide a stubborn streak, a body that sheds all-year round, a propensity to steal anything within its nose’s reach, and an instinct to follow its nose, regardless of how far the hound finds itself from home. I have compiled a small FAQ about the most distinguishing characteristic of bassets. Click here to view it.

Some people, before buying a dog, do make an intensive search regarding the breed. They learn all the pros and cons. But, others, guided by the basset hound cuteness, buy that adorable puppy on impulse. When the basset traits become burdensome, many are abandoned, relinquished, or taken to the local pound, where often the once admired possession is now facing death row. Rescue organizations save these unwanted, homeless basset hounds, put them in foster homes where their personality is assessed, where their health is monitored and proper care is given if medical assistance is needed, and where, through proper training, bad habits are eliminated. If you want to learn more about rescue organizations and their mission, please click here. In fact, I recently read a beautiful poem about a rescued dog. Maybe by reading it, you may be inspired to adopt, and hence, rescue a dog as well. Click here to read the poem.

If you are owned by a basset and would like to meet other people who, like you, love this breed, here are some links to some basset hound clubs near you.

If, after much research about the basset’s personality, you still think that a basset hound is the right dog for you and your family and you would like to adopt a basset in need of a good home, click at the proper link that will lead you to the nearest rescue group for your area:






Although this site is always under construction, whatever is currently on is accurate. Should you be aware of any other basset rescue groups NOT listed here, please jot me a comment.

Please feel free to peruse through the site. New poems and information about basset hounds will be uploaded.

If you ever are thinking of breeding your dog, I suggest you read this post.