Basset Rescue of Florida, Inc.

Serving south Florida areas of Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

All pertinent information is at the website.

Florida Basset Rescue
12735 County Road 675
Parrish, FL
Phone: 941–737–9859
e-mail: Flbassetrescue@aol.com

Suncoast Basset Rescue
4300 NW 23rd Ave. Suite 508
Gainesville, FL  32606
Phone: 352–371–8082

25 Responses to “Florida”

  • Wanda Hughes:

    have had 3 bassets, our older male recently had to be put to sleep at 13plus years old. His companion, Petunia, is a 8 year old female basset and is mourning him painfully, as are we. We would love to have two long eared big footed babies again. Can you help?
    Thank you,
    Wanda Hughes

  • admin:

    I forwarded your request to the Florida Basset Rescue. Did you try to call them and the other rescue listed here? Also, I fixed the e-mail link. Sorry that it was broken.

  • admin:

    Dear Wanda

    I just found out that Florida Basset is no longer in service. Kindly contact Basset Rescue of Florida or Suncoast Rescue. I wish you good luck.

  • Beverly Veraguas:

    I have a bassett that was left with me by an older gentleman saying he was going to the hospital for 3 days. It has been a month and he has not returned. If anyone is interested in a lovable bassett hound no older than 3-5yrs please call me at 954-328-9515. If she cannot be adopted unfortunately I will be taking her to the humane shelter. Thanks

  • Edith S Baker:

    Beverly, did you contact Suncoast Basset Rescue? Their phone number is listed on this page.

  • Tammy:

    Hi I have a 2 yr old basset she is house train and Kennel train I just don’t have the to spend with her we are gone alote and it’s just not fair to her , she’s great with kids and other animals , I’m giving her away to someone who can care for her and love her . Her name is sandy if there s anyone wants her give me a call thanks . 407-406-9914.

  • Patti:

    This is 407 area code which is Orlando is this where the dog is..?? Do you have pics of the dog and is it still available…???e-mail raemae06@yahoo.com

  • Jessica:

    I have a basset hound, adopted her from the pound about 5 years ago, I am moving into a smaller place and cannot take her with me, I do not want to return her to the pound in fear they will put her down. She is friendly and really good with children.
    Will your organization take her in, please return my call asap.
    Thank you

  • Ralph:

    Hello. I have recently found a basset hound in Miami, Fl. Poor girl was dehydrated and starving so, I took her in to get her healthy again also to find her a loving home. I would love to keep her but I already have two dogs, also I’m living at home, I wouldn’t be able to support another dog. I was wondering if there was anyone or any rescues who would take her.
    Unfortunately, she isn’t house trained. For the time being, I would will attempting to house train her. I don’t know if she spayed. So far, she’s very quiet, she doesn’t seem to mind my dogs. She doesn’t have ticks, fleas, or another pests on her. I have pictures for her too.
    Please help me find her a loving home.
    Thank you.
    My email is Lostoceansoul@yahoo.com.

  • We all should realize our responsibility towards the hounds. I think these organizations are doing a commendable job.

  • Jessica:

    I wrote back on August 9, 2012 at 12:25 pm to this organization as I was looking for a basset hound rescue in my area. I just realized that my full name and phone # was published on this site. When I google my phone # it comes out. At this time I would like to kindly request that you remove my phone # or unpublish my comment.

    Thank you

  • Edith S Baker:


  • Gail:

    Our neighbor is moving and can not take their Bassett Zoey with them. She is 6-7, she was a rescue for them. She is fixed and the sweetest thing alive. She is in Miami. Any ideas on placing her?

  • Edith S Baker:

    Did you contact

    Suncoast Basset Rescue
    4300 NW 23rd Ave. Suite 508
    Gainesville, FL 32606
    Phone: 352–371–8082


  • I would like to adopt a healthy young Bassethound. My adorable sweet little 14 yr old BH had to be euthenized three years ago due to cancer. I miss her terribly. I have a 2 yr. old rescue cat. He has physical disabilities. If he tries to run he falls down and he cannot jump. I have pet stairs for him so he can get up on my bed whenever he wants. Because of my cat, I have to be careful to adopt a dog who’s gentle and sweet natured and would not be agressive towards my cat. I tried to adopt a rescue kitten as a companion to my cat. She was agressive and downright mean to him. Our vet said she had to go because my cat lost weight and spent most of his time hiding under the bed. I returned her to the rescue group.

  • Richard Popp:

    I rescued to Bassett hound one female approx 6 one male 4 to five they were malnutritioned thier back to healthy eating they will be needing spay and nueter they are very hand shy but very very lovable and need someone who has more time im always on the go and i have 13 steps leading up to my house i have bad knees bad back the lovable wigglers need a home where they can stay together text or call for pictures 813-210 -6475

  • Kyle:

    I adopted a Bassethound for 3 yrs now. Male 9yrs. his name is Judge.I cannot take good care for him anymore.

  • Dana:

    7 yr old mixed but mostly basset. Whiskey is all red but body is all basset. He belongs to someone in my family ,actually my 13 yr. old niece asked me to help her find him a home because he keeps getting out and animal control has picked him up and they actually neuerted him at animal control when he was there. He is chained up all the time and is not getting attention enough. He is a sweet dog. I do not have the money to help or adopt him.

  • nick:

    Looking for a female Bassett

  • Edith S Baker:

    Please contact any of the basset hound rescues nearest to your home.

  • Debbi:

    I have been looking to adopt an adult/senior bh. I have always wanted one but with my 2 kids having serious medical issues I want a dog that will lay with them and be a good emotional support dog. Since bh are a good temperment for this I want to rescue but I live in Brandon and the closest rescue is in Gainesville almost 3 hrs away. Any suggestions on where to go?

  • Edith S Baker:

    Please contact FL rescues. They can work with you.

  • Marisol:

    I lost my basset hound please help me to found him is a male 4 years old we miis him so much he have a microchip i dont know what else we can do

  • Marisol:

    I don t know how add his picture here

  • Edith S Baker:

    I sent you an email. Look out for it.


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