The Right Thing to Do for Patrick (the Pit Bull Once Thrown in the Trash)

On March 16, Patrick was half-dead. Someone put him in a garbage bag and threw him down 19 floors to be incinerated. Despite it all, Patrick was a lucky dog. He moved in the bag, the maintenance man saw it, opened the bag, and saw Patrick. This man could have left the dog there and let him die. But he did the right thing. He called the animal control people (AHS).

Once in the hands of AHS, and in the condition that Patrick was in, his fate could have been sealed. Usually, euthanasia is administered in cases of dogs who are so near death as Patrick was. But the veterinarian in charge, Dr. Lisa Bongiovani, saw something in Patrick’s eyes. She saw his desire to live. She saw that, despite being so emaciated and dehydrated, and even despite having fallen 19 floors, Patrick managed to survive. So, she did the right thing. She tried (successfully) to bring life to him.

Now, Kisha Curtis, the person who neglected him, the person who didn’t provide food and water to Patrick. She didn’t do the right thing. She claims that she couldn’t afford to take care of him. So, she let him starve, she let him slowly die. She tied him to staircase and didn’t pay any attention to him. Forget about playing with him. She didn’t GIVE HIM SUSTENANCE.

Kisha Curtis’s trial is coming up. It is set for Friday, May 6, 2011. You can do the right thing for Patrick. Ask the judge who is assigned to this trial to implement the harshest penalty available by law. Write letters, fax letters, send e-mails, or call. Here’s the information you need:

Honorable Joseph C. Cassini, III

Superior Court of New Jersey

Criminal Division—Essex County

Veterans Courthouse

10th Floor, Room 1008

50 West Market Street

Newark, NJ 07102

Include this information in your letter.

Re: Kisha C. Curtis, Defendant

Prosecutor’s Case No. 11002173

Torture, Neglect, and Abandonment of Dog now known as “Patrick”

cc: Carolyn A. Murray, Esq.

Acting Essex County Prosecutor

Veterans Courthouse, 3rd Floor

50 W. Market Street

Newark, NJ 07102–1690

If you prefer, you may send it as a fax to (973) 242-4901

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