Breakfast for Champions

My full-blooded 11-year-old basset hound Carrie has mast-cell cancer. We chose to let her live out her days in comfort and dignity. We give her prednisone to slow down the tumor’s growth, anti-histamine pills twice a day to help her with the histamines the cancerous cells release, and antacids for stomach issues she may have […]

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

A few weeks ago, I lost my companion. He died in my arms. Then, as he was part of an open adoption, and, as his family is Buddhists, we witnessed his memorial service at a Buddhist temple. His soul was released to find another body. I wished him a human body that would love animals […]

19 Bassets from California to NY: It Took a Village

Dawn Smith: The hounds were in the air 4 hours and I think 35 minutes. Compartment is pressurized. Our protocol for flying hounds is: Feed with gas-X & Pepcid 5 hours pre flight. 2 Hours preflight we give another gas x and pepcid, along with carbo veg. As they are put into crates we use […]

Pit Bull Pup Dragged by Car and Thrown in a Dumpster, Makes Miraculous Recovery

Of all the breeds of dogs, one of the most misunderstood and abused is the pit bull. They are always pictured as vicious dogs, which is the farthest from the truth. Pit bulls naturally are loving dogs. Look at the photo of my grandchildren and their pit bull. Nothing can be warmer than a loving […]

Canine Bonded Pair Prove that Animals Feel Love

These two basset hounds are my adopted pair. They were bonded and they needed to be rehomed. Nobody wanted the tricolor basset (Bailey) because at the time, she was 10. The red dog (Dudley) was younger. But I knew what it means to separate a bonded pair, and I was not going to do that. […]

After 10 long years, Ginger, the basset hound is reunited with her original dad in Nashua

By ERIN PLACE Staff Writer Jamie Carpentier had never gone to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua’s website. But late one recent night, the Nashua resident felt the urge to log on and peruse the animals up for adoption. He came across a 13-year-old basset hound named Ginger, without a photo attached, and read the […]

Cora–The Story of the Dog Rescued in the Parking Lot of Wal-Mart

The video that follows went viral with animal advocates. The video follows Cora, a Chiweenie (Chihuahua—dachshund mix) young dog who was dumped in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Luckily, Eldad Hagar, who is one extremely patient man from Hope for Paws, rescued her. It took a lot of patience and two hours to catch her; but […]

The Right Thing to Do for Patrick (the Pit Bull Once Thrown in the Trash)

On March 16, Patrick was half-dead. Someone put him in a garbage bag and threw him down 19 floors to be incinerated. Despite it all, Patrick was a lucky dog. He moved in the bag, the maintenance man saw it, opened the bag, and saw Patrick. This man could have left the dog there and […]

Patrick Update (Photos and Videos)

Patrick is slowly getting ready to leave GSVS and be on the road to be adopted. A member of the hospital has expressed a desire to adopt him. I, personally, feel that it would be the best person for Patrick. He knows all the staff, trusts them, and loves them. Why make this poor pup […]