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Escargot—The Emaciated Basset Hound Rescued by VillaLobos

Rescuing animals is not for the squeamish. A kind heart is most welcome. But if you have a soft heart and want to be a rescuer, be prepared to have it break over and over again. The most disgusting animal on the planet is also the most compassionate: human beings. Some human beings can just do devastating things to other animals, and then there are those who step in and try to mend to broken pieces and offer a new and happy life.

I’ve reported many times about the atrocities pit bulls experience under human care (or noncare for that matter). This time, I’m reporting about a basset hound need and a pit bull animal activist who came to her rescue. Tia Torres, the persona behind the reality TV show on Animal Planet, Pit Bulls and Parolees, is an ardent pit-bull animal advocate. But she is also trying to save the hunting dogs of Louisiana. One such hound is Escargot. A basset hound who came to the Villalobos Center, the sanctuary Tia built, so emaciated that this was doubtful that he’d live.

Escargot is a senior Basset Hound who was brought into the Assumption Parish location of Villalobps as a stray.

According to a staff member, “Shock was our first reaction. Then an outburst of tears. The obvious was that he had been starved almost to the point of death. He even smelled like it. H…e couldn’t walk and could barely stand up. His eyes were empty and one was actually blind. He had given up on life. After being rushed to our vet, it was determined that starvation and a serious skin condition were the least of his problems. His injuries (severe fractured pelvis and hemothorax) consisted of being hit by a car or beaten by a foreign object. It will be a miracle if he even makes it and he has a VERY long road to recovery. Escargot is currently with our vet at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital (38316 Hwy 929, Prairieville, LA. 70769 (225-313-3057). Since moving to the South, we have become more than just a Pit Bull rescue. Hounds are now a big part of our rescue efforts as well as all breeds; purebred and mixed. We came here with the intentions on focusing on all the Pit Bulls in need of help but when we run into situations like this….how do we walk away? We don’t. But not walking away comes with a price. The lack of resources, space and funding is now making it next to impossible to function. Without all of you, we would not be able to help dogs like Escargot. For those that can help, our Paypal link is here on our FB and on the homepage of our website ( Or you can simply make a donation directly to our vet. This definitely goes on my list of one of the most heartbreaking rescues we’ve ever done.”

It looked like Escargot was not going to make it. But he did. He is thriving and slowly regaining his strength and his weight. As mentioned earlier, Escargot needs help, financial help. If you can spare a dime, it would be appreciated. It’s rare that I present a basset hound in such horrible conditions. But some human beings just do not deserve to have animals.

Escargot today.

Good-Bye Bubbles

I just found this sad news at Noah’s Ark Website:

Today has to be one of the hardest days I have experienced in rescue.    At 5:26 this evening, I had to say good-bye to BUBBLES.    I am still in shock, as I am typing this.  The last two days she has been happy and playful like she has been for the last three months.  She quit eating even prosciutto this morning and I discovered her abdomen had become swollen.   I looked at her gums and they were barely pink so I rushed her to the hospital.   We did bloodwork and x-rays of her lungs to see what had suddenly changed.  Her bloodwork was great and she was not anemic.   She was not getting enough oxygen.   The x-rays showed that the tumors in her lungs had almost doubled in size.   One lobe of her lungs was not functioning at all and was putting pressure on her heart.   She couldn’t get enough oxygen and fluid was building up in her lower half because of pressure on the heart.   My only options were to say good-bye or to do a Thoracotamy and remove the lung lobe that was not functioning.    I could not put this amazing dog through any more surgery.   She has been the happiest I have ever seen an animal be and has loved every second of Life since I rescued her.    I knew I had to say good-bye.  I brought her home and let her rest in all of her special places with me wrapped around her in our typical spoon position.    I made arrangements for Dr. Jason King, that knew Bubbles well and loved her, to come to the house to say our final good-byes.   Bubbles went peacefully to sleep cradled in my arms.

​I am sure this note is as much a shock to everyone as it is to me.   I still can’t believe she is gone.    If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing.   Bubbles had the biggest heart I have ever experienced.    She fought to get her chance at happiness and she WON.   She was the happiest most loving dog.   We will all miss her.   I wish we had more time together but the time we had was amazing.   I have cherished every second with her since the day she was rescued.   She lived her Life completely to the final breathe.    She knew Love.   She gave Love.   She was Love.    She will forever be missed and forever cherished.   She never gave up on us and we never gave up on here.

Basset Hounds Meet Robodog

Singing for their supper

Hungry Basset Hound Raids Fridge

What Rescue Is All About

Warning: Get a box of Kleenex.

This is what rescue is all about:

Twenty-Three Basset Hound Puppies vs One Adult Basset Hound

The poor adult basset hound couldn’t get out of the way fast enough, as 23 basset hound puppies tried to get some milk from where there was none. Enjoy the video:

A Great Video about Basset Hounds

So you decided to get a basset hound? Great! First, however, make sure that you get your puppy from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will make you sign a contract that will bind you to spay/neuter your dog and will also inform you that your basset can always be returned to the breeder. A backyard breeder will not adhere to these two rules. A backyard breeder has no interest in the dogs, the betterment of the breed, or you. They are only interested in the profit. A better choice, however, is to get a dog from your area rescue organization. Sometimes, rescues have puppies. But most of the time, they have many great dogs in need of a good home. Think about adopting from your local rescue. In the meantime, enjoy this video:

A deadly virus that may kill your dog

There’s a deadly virus that has jumped species (from pigs and birds to dogs) and can be deadly to dogs. There are no vaccines as of yet. Dog owners should be aware of the symptoms:

1. Lethargy
2. Diarrhea
3. Vomiting

If you dog experiences any or all of the symptoms, take it immediately to see a veterinarian. The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the better chances your dog has for survival. Although this disease has not spread to many states (currently only 3 states—California, Ohio, and Michigan—have seen cases of this round-shaped, single-stranded DNA genome virus, known as circoviurus), one cannot ever be overly cautious. So, if you are about to board your dog or visit dog parks, just err on the side of caution if your dog experiences any symptoms.

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